Electric Cycles - Voltron VT100

Voltron electric VT100 bike is a great option for local commute. It has multiple advantages:

  • Economic - Up to 75-100 kms in full charge. About 10 paisa per km.
  • Healthy - Pedal along with throttle for proper exercise and fitness.
  • Green - Less carbon foot print compared to petrol / diesel engines. Also less sound.
  • Safe - Due to limited speed and limited vehicle weight, the ride is much safer.
  • Regulation free - There are no license, registration, PUC, etc. requirements for riding electric bicycles
  • All ages - Can be used by people under 18 years of age

By using electric cycles, you will go out more often, meet more people, enjoy the surroundings, get more work done. All this without feeling guilty about the carbon footprint.

Unique Features

  • 70-100 kms range
  • Lithium Ferro Phosphate Battery
  • Brake and Hazard lights
  • Mid-drive motor
  • 150kg weight loading capacity
  • Pillion seat

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. What is the running cost for the cycle?
If we consider petrol at 110 Rs. per liter. Typically car would run 15-20 km and Bike would give 30-50km average per liter of petrol (Per 110 Rs.). At the same 110 Rs. if we use electrical cycle we are likely to get at least 1,100 km travel (0.10 paisa per km). Thus, values are:
Car Bike Electrical cycle
Range per liter (110 Rs.) 15-20 km 30-50 km 1100 km
Cost per km 5.5 to 7.3 Rs. per km 2.2 to 3.67 Rs. per km 0.04 to 0.1 Rs per km

Q. What will happen if I try to use cycle in rain or heavy water?
The cycle is designed to work in heavy rain or clogged roads. Even if there is 1 feet of water submerging half of the Tyre in water there should not be any problem riding the bike. We should not keep cycle submerged in water for extended duration. Using cycle in rain is not an issue.
Also see below:

Q. Is battery detachable?
No in VT100 bike battery is not detachable. We need to take cycle near normal wall socket and charge it.
However after 5 years we can replace the battery with a new one.

Q. What are the safety features of the bike?
Normal external safety lock (similar to normal non-electrical bicycles) should be used to lock the bicycle. To prevent misuse of electrical systems the bike comes with key based locking system for electrical components (Light, Horn, accelerator, etc.). The back hazard light works even if the bike is not powered on. This provides safety to stop / park / lock the bike on side of the road. Also being a bicycle (less weight) it is inherently safer than mopeds or bikes, in case of accidents (Falling down).

Q. What are general specifications for the cycle?
General specifications for cycle are:
Description Value
Battery specs. Lithium Ferro Phosphate - 30AH
Warranty duration 1 year on cycle; 2 year on Battery. As such lithium ferro phosphate batteries of life of 5 years.
Range per charge 75-100 km. Minimum real world range is 75 km. Actual observed ranges are much higher.
Weight and load capacity Cycle itself weights 35kgs and is capable of 150 kgs load. By having pillion seat two people with total weight upto 150kg can easily use this cycle.
Accessories Cycle comes fitted with mud-guard, horn, front light, back light and hazard light. There is optional basket that can be attached in front for easy carrying of material
Gear And Pedal assist Single speed or non-gear. There is no pedal assist feature.
Tyre 24 inch MTB Tyre with some off-road capabilities
Top speed 25 km/hr
Regulations No license, registration or PUC required.
Price The cycle is available at discounted price of 40,000 Rs. (Limited time offer)